Most supermarket beef comes from cattle fed large amounts of grain in feedlots, regularly given antibiotics and growth hormones.

Our cattle live on their mothers’ milk, our certified organic pasture and hay, and natural minerals. That’s all. This natural diet makes a big difference in the meat.
Grass-Fed Meat:
Better For You, The Cattle And The Earth
This meat also has more Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene, and is much less likely to be contaminated with the resistant e-coli strains that are often found in grain fed beef.

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Grassfed beef has less total fat and more 'good' fats. Estimates are that a six-ounce pasture-fed steak has up to 100 fewer calories than a six-ounce grain-fed steak.

Steak from grass fed cattle also has two to four times more Omega-3 essential fatty acid (the heart-healthy fat in cold-water fish). Plus it’s the richest known source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fat that is a potent cancer fighter.
Grass-fed beef is tender and juicy with more real beef flavor than grain-fed meat. But flavor is just one of the advantages.

Grass-fed beef is healthier for the cattle (their systems can't handle a lot of grain) and better for the earth (it takes a lot of fuel to raise and transport grain, not to mention the cost of getting it to the supermarket if it's raised thousands of miles away.
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